What Are the Perks of Working For the NHS?


The NHS employs over 1.7 million people in hundreds of different roles and this makes it the biggest employer in the UK and one of the biggest in the world. Chances are, if you are a qualified medical professional in the UK then you will work in the NHS at some point, but there are also many roles for those from a non-medical background. So, what are the benefits of working for the NHS?


One of the biggest perks of working for the NHS is pride and job satisfaction, especially since the start of the pandemic. Although it is incredibly demanding and there are flaws, the NHS is one the greatest parts of life in the UK with universal healthcare not available in many nations around the world.

NHS Pension

The NHS pension is well-known to be one of the best and most secure available, which means that you have peace of mind knowing that you will be in a financially healthy situation once you reach retirement. There are three types of NHS pensions available but all are generous and will help to build towards a bright future.

Childcare Support

Those that work in the NHS will find that they often have to work long and antisocial hours, which can be tricky when you have kids. There are many NHS trusts that provide access to on-site nurseries that you can use and the NHS also allows employees to take a reduction in their salary to receive vouchers for childcare.


NHS employees also benefit from access to mortgage schemes that could make it easier to get your foot on the property ladder. There are also usually properties available from housing associations that are reserved for key workers and NHS staff.


NHS staff can also benefit from discounts from various different retailers and outlets, which can help you to make savings on furniture, fashion, technology, food and much more. This includes Argos NHS discounts that can help you to make significant savings on many different types of products. In a time with inflation and the cost of living rising, this could be hugely beneficial.

Flexi Work

Flexible working has become prevalent during COVID-19 and the NHS recognizes the importance of their staff having flexibility with their work schedule. Most NHS Trusts have a flexible work policy that can make it easier for staff to manage a healthy work-life balance even if they are unable to work remotely for their role.

As you can see, there is a multitude of benefits for working for the NHS and not just the sense of pride and job satisfaction that you get from working for a universal healthcare provider and saving lives each day.


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