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0330 099 3000

Vanquis Contact Number: We all use our credit cards for various purposes in our daily life. Some of us may get Credit Card when they start jobs. There are so many credit card companies available in the World. Some of the very famous companies are Mbna and Vanquis card. Today we will discuss the Vanquis Contact Number and How to complete the Vanquis Payment. So, if you are looking for same then read all details carefully.

Vanquis contact Number
Vanquis contact Number

Vanquis Bank:

As we discussed above that Vanquis Bank is famous for its Online Credit Card Service. This bank was established in 2002 by Provident Financial and in 2004 it started to expand. In 2005, the head office of the Vanquis Bank is in London and still, they are operating from London. This bank also won best Credit Card provider for 4 years from 2009 to 2012 and still, it is the most trusted credit card providers in the United Kingdom for 4 years from 2015 to 2018.

 Vanquis Bank Contact Number:

Vanquis Bank Department Contact Number
Home Insurance Enquiries 0330 102 6837
Vanquis Contact Number 0330 099 3000
Contact Number for Loan 0333 003 5802
Vanquis Payment  Contact Number 01623 23 23 23
Phone Number for Financial Help 0330 099 3002
Contact Number for Vanquis Credit Card Stolen or lost 0800 783 9003
Activation number for Vanquis credit card 0800 781 9660
Contact Number for Missing Vanquis Credit Card (International Helpline Number) +44161 444 4495


Vanquis Contact Number:

As we all know that Vanquis Bank is the best credit card provider in the UK as well as across the world. For any query, one can call on 0843 504 7370 at 7p per minutes. You can also call via your phone on 0330 099 3000 or 0800 781 6314 (toll-free number).

If you want to get details credit card but the customer care service is not available or if you want to do quick payment then make a call on 01623 23 23 23.This calling service is available 24*7.

In case you lost or your Vanquis credit card misplaced then you must report quickly on 0800 783 9003 if you are in the United Kingdom. If you are not in the UK then make a call on +44161 444 4495 the international number.

If you want to join in Vanquis Bank Credit Card service or you are a new customer then you can get proper guidelines about the credit card by calling on 0800 781 9660 for Vanquis card activation and for new customer call on 01623 23 23 23 number.

Vanquis provide so many other options for their customers and one of them is repayment. For repayment, you can call on 0330 099 3010 number.

If you want to get financial advice or if you have any financial trouble then Vanquis Bank provides customer care number which is 0330 099 3002.

Vanquis Helpline Working Hours:

Day Operating Hours
Sunday Closed


8.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Saturday 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Various Purposes for calling Vanquis Bank Customer Care Number:

  • Loan Information
  • General Inquiries
  • Careers related queries
  • For Complaints
  • Apply for a credit card or loan
  • Get credit card detail
  • Payment details
  • Credit card lost or stolen
  • Get Home Insurance
  • Financial Advice

Vanquis Loan:

Vanquis provide very good services for all their customers. One can get all details about the common questions like details about a loan, career loan. For this type of queries, one can call on customer care numbers. Existing customers of Vanquis Bank suffers from financial issues then it may possible to a missed payment. In this case, they must call to customer support number 0333 003 5802.

Vanquis Contact Number for Complaints:

If you are not happy with Vanquis bank service then you can call on 0330 099 3000 or 0843 557 3521 customer care number. By calling on this number one can complain about more charged from a credit card for a refund. If you constantly overcharged for the use of the Vanquis Credit Card then you can directly call and ask for compensation in case of it affected to your financial situation.

While talking or communicating with Vanquis bank staff, if customer care staff was rude to you then you can call for this misconduct.

Vanquis Contact Number for Online Banking:

Just like other banks in the United Kingdom, the Vanquis bank also provides online banking facility to their customers to manage and check their credit card account easily. For online banking one must Vanquis Log in in portal from its Android or iOS phone. If you are Vanquis customer but you don’t use online banking then first you must register in the portal by clicking on registering link. After successfully registering you must enter personal details and then do log in for accessing the online banking account. For accessing your banking account online you must enter internet id and password. In case if you forget one of them then you can call on 0843 557 5120 number for online banking.

Vanquis Bank Credit card:

Vanquis Bank is famous for its credit card service in the UK. A new customer of the Vanquis bank can start with an easy and manageable credit card limit from 150 $ to 1000$ and after your 5th statement, one can increase their limit. After every 5th month, you can ask for another increase up to 4000$. If you want to apply for a credit card then first you need to visit the website and check eligibility via eligibility checker. This bank also gives you flexible card repayment options for all customers. If you have some more questions about credit card then call on 0844 248 2423.

Vanquis Eligibility Checker:

At the time of registration, a new customer can check their eligibility criteria via eligibility checker. For that, you must enter details like name, email address, date of birth, address and your residential status, contact details, employment status, your household income, and many more details. After entering all requiring details within 60 seconds you will get your eligibility status for a credit card. For more questions regarding eligibility make a call on0844 248 2419.

A brief overview of the Vanquis Bank:

  • Bank Name: Vanquis Bank
  • Details About: Vanquis Contact Number
  • CEO of Vanquis Bank: Mike Lenora (June 2007)
  • Established In: 2002
  • Operational Hours: 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM from Monday to Friday (Saturday 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM)
  • Head Office: 1 Godwin StreetBrandfordWest, Yorkshire, BD1 2SU.
  • Customer Care Service Number: 0843 903 4398

Vanquis email address:

One can also contact customer service via sending mail on In this mail, you can mention all your queries. If you mail for overcharged on your recent bill then you must attach some necessary documents also.

 Vanquis contact mail address:

If you don’t want to communicate with the Vanquis Bank via email or call then you can also send mail on below given mail address:

Vanquis Visa Card,

Customer Services,

PO BOX 399,


ME4 4WQ.

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I hope you will get all the details about the Vanquis contact Number. By reading this article you will get details about the purpose of Vanquis Credit Card, How to check your eligibility through Vanquis Bank Eligibility Checker and many more. We are waiting for your valuable suggestion. So, please give your suggestions in the below-given comment box. For articles like this visit our site daily. You can also check our other articles on Comdata Cardholder, Menards card, Total visa and qvc card.


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