Small Repairs You Should Make Before Selling Your Home


When it comes to selling your home, you’ll be hoping for a swift, easy and profitable process. Naturally then, you should take every step you can towards impressing interested parties. One way of doing this is by ensuring that nothing in the house is broken or malfunctioning. Below, we explore the small repairs you should make before selling your home.


The kitchen is often the centrepiece of the house. As such, you should ensure it’s in perfect working order – especially if you’re leaving behind a dishwasher. On top of this, you should make sure that the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave are in good working order. Cabinets should also be free from any rot and the hinges should swing easily. Finally, make sure that there aren’t any leaks and that all the sinks are in perfect order. If any of this needs fixing, it shouldn’t be too difficult: just crack open the tool box and fix any imperfections and problems in the kitchen.

Paint the walls

When paintjobs in the house are deteriorating it can make the room look dated or decaying. However, you can make your house seem fresher by giving some rooms a new coat of paint before selling. Just ensure that you don’t take undue risks: paint the walls in neutral colours that are unlikely to turn off an interested buyer.


Flooring is another area that can make all the difference when selling your house. Scratched or dated flooring can put someone off regardless of whether it’s carpet or wood. Your first step should be to see if there’s quick fix to remove stains from your carpet or scratches from your wooden floor. If there isn’t you face a difficult choice. Either you replace the flooring yourself at considerable expense, or you get a quote and pass it onto potential buyers if they express an interest.

Anything that’s broken

This can seem like an obvious one, but sometimes there are broken items or fixtures in your house that you overlook. For instance, you might have a door that doesn’t shut smoothly, or a blind that you can’t quite pull down. To someone else this will be clearly on display. Ideally then, to put your house in the best possible light you should assess your house and work out if there are little things that are broken before fixing them.

Selling your home can be a stressful time. You’ll have plenty of visitors and you’ll want the property to reach the highest possible bid. But by fixing any imperfections you should give yourself the best possible chance of success.


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