Scottish Gas Homecare Contact Number


Scottish Contact Number [0800 048 1000]

Scottish Gas is a popular homecare service of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Gas Homecare of UK provides various services to their customers. One can get services of Scottish Gas at their home by calling them. This call is totally free if it is from BT landline but if you call via mobile or non-BT landline then you will be charged for the call.

One more condition of paying your Gas bill or getting service of Scottish Gas is that your age must be at least 18 years. Here we mention all the details about Scottish Gas Homecare so read all the below given details carefully.

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Scottish Gas Service Homecare

Scottish Gas was established in 1949 and after in 1973 it became part of the British Gas in 1973. Now there are more than 20,000,000 customers who are enjoying gas and electric services across England, Scotland and Wales in UK.

Scottish Gas Homecare is an insurance company which provides boiler maintenance and repair service to their customers. It also provides boiler replacement services. This service is famous among property dealers or owners in various part of UK. Owner of Property who has more than 10 properties can easily join in the service and use one simple plan to take care of all their renters.

Scottish Gas Homecare

We all know that the homecare item is very costly. If you want to minimize the cost f the central heating system then you must have correct insurance plan for it and regular service of it. In case of repairing, replacing or maintaining boiler requires lots of money. So, by using Scottish Gas Service you can get very good customer service for your boiler. This company also provides replacement service of boiler in case of any damage or malfunction in boiler.

Scottish Gas Homecare Customer Number: 0800 048 1000

Why You Need to Call Scottish Gas Homecare Service?

Below we provide the some of the common reasons for calling the Scottish Gas Services Homecare contact Number.

  • Problem in your Boiler
  • For renewal fee quotation
  • Switch your homecare package to other
  • Cancel your homecare cover
  • At the time when your homecare package transfer to new home address.
  • For minimize your Homecare package
  • Request an engineer callout
  • Meter reading
  • Installation of solar paneling
  • For your homecare statement query

Scottish Gas Homecare Number

One can directly call to customer care number for any query or service of Scottish Gas Service. If you have boiler related problems then immediately contact to customer support without delay. If you are regular customer then you can directly call on 0800 048 1000.But if you want to repair your boiler then need to call on 0800 000 999 the customer support service and get necessary details about the Scottish Gas.

Services Offered by Scottish Gas

  • Gas safety checks
  • Energy Smart add on tariff
  • Care plan
  • Boiler and Home Care cover
  • Warm home discount
  • Pay as you go meters
  • Building and contents insurance
  • Remote Heating Control for Mobile
  • Active Heating

How to Reduce My Gas Homecare Cost?

You can reduce your homecare package by below given ways:

  • Installing one Scottish Gas energy saving at your home
  • Select correct insurance plan for boiler and central heating system
  • Replace old boiler with new boiler
  • Contacting your Annual Service Engineer


  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM

FAQ – British Gas Homecare:

What is covered by British Gas Homecare?

There are two British Gas homecare: British Gas Homecare one and British Homecare two. Homecare One is provide the cover for your boiler and control and homecare two provide cover for boiler and control but it also gives you repairing facility to your hot water cylinder, central heating , radiators and pipe work.

How do I book my gas or boiler service if I’m a Homecare customer?

  • For booking Gas or boiler service first you need to do British Gas Homecare Login.
  • After that check your appointment status .If your appointment is due then Book your annual service link is visible to you.
  • Then select time and date which is suitable for you.
  • Now enter your phone number.
  • Finally confirm your appointment.

What is the number for British Gas Homecare?

The British Gas Homecare Number is 0333 202 9604.

Can I cancel my British Gas Homecare?

Yes, you can cancel your any agreement at any time provided by us by calling on 0800 0727 513.You can also write mail and send it on Homecare Membership Office, Murdoch House, Bothwell Road , Uddingston G71 7UD.If you cancel your British Gas Homecare agreement without notifying us then it will not cancel your agreement.

We shared all the details about Scottish Gas Homecare 0333 202 9802. Hope you will get all relevant details about the British Gas Homecare. If you have any query then please comment in below given comment box. For more articles like this keep visiting our site regularly.


  1. I am a Scottish gas customer requiring info about Homecare 4. Have been cut off twice I just wanted to know – because of the excess – would I have to pay £99 to call someone out for eg: a dripping tap? I am currently with HomeServe for this and SSE for boiler maintenance.

  2. I received documents regarding my new agreement with Scottish Gas Home Care. There is an error on Bank details. Customer name should be “William B. & Jean A. McCulloch” but it reads “William and Jane A. McCulloch”. Can you please amend this?


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