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Safestyle Reviews

How to do Safestyle complaints online? Safestyle UK a part of the Style Group UK, is a leading supplier and installer of PVCu double glazed windows, doors, French doors, patio sliding doors, and conservatories across the United Kingdom.

Founded in the year 1992, SafestyleUk is one of the leading window-door manufacturers that are secure, modern, and customizable. As we know how to do Marks and Spencer Complaints online.

Sometimes installing replacement windows and door frames can be a complicated process and occasionally things may go wrong. Thus the Safestyle Uk provides its customers to file a complaint against any issues faced by them. Safestyle Uk will take every possible measure to resolve the issue of their customers. Checkout  0345 Call Cost from Mobile.

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter of Safestyle UK sets out the minimum standards that need to be achieved while dealing with the customers. The company has set a code of conduct for its employee that needs to be followed while dealing with a complaint.

  • The safestyle complaints will keep the inquiries of the customers with total confidentiality and will deal with them in a reasonable manner and within a reasonable timescale.
  • The employee representing the group will be well dressed with their identification badge and will deal with the customers politely and respectfully.
  • While replacing windows or door frames the employee will make every effort to work in a considerate way while at the customer’s property.
  • The safestyle complaints group will carefully consider customer’s requests and give priority to the most urgent within a reasonable amount of time.

How to File a Safestyle Complaints?

A customer can file a Safestyle complaints regarding any issues through phone, email, or on the website of

Safestyle Contact Number

The customer can file their Safestyle complaints against issues through customer care contact number or phone or email. The customer can contact the

  • Safestyle Customer Contact Center on 01274 842842 or by email using

Through official website

  • To file a Safestyle complaints online mode, the customer has to visit the official website of via the official link.
  • On the Customer Care page, the customer has to scroll down the page and click on the ‘Contact Complaint’
  • A new page will be displayed where the customer has to report their complaints by filling up the form with relevant details.
  • After filling up all the information click on register.
  • The Safestyle group will accept the complaint and will take the responsibility for dealing with the customer complaints

The Safestyle group will acknowledge the complaint of the customers and will do their best to resolve the matter within 28 days.

Actions to Sort Out a Safestyle Complaints

The Safestyle group will take strict actions regarding the complaint received from respective customers and will resolve the matter with safety and security.

  • An Apology: An employee involved in the business has made a mistake while dealing with the installation, he /she will apologize for their mistakes and will provide a thorough explanation of the circumstance.
  • Replacing a Faulty Product: If the customer’s complaint is valid regarding the quality of a product that cannot be repaired the safestyle employee will order and install a replacement to sort out the complaint.
  • Making a Payment: If the customers are authorized to a refund, compensation payment, recommendation fee, or other payment. The Safestyle will aim to issue all payments promptly.
  • Staff Training: If the customer has reported a complaint against poor attitude or poor personal skills of the relevant colleagues, Safestyle will retrain them or will provide proper training to the relevant staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the CEO of safestyle UK?

Ans: The CEO of Safestyle UK is Mike Gallacher.

  • Are safestyle windows expensive?

Ans:  As we know basic casement window cost less compared to other types of windows.

  • Can I cancel my Safestyle order?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel safestyle order but before that check Terms & conditions.


Safestyle UK Group has become the largest replacement window and door company in the country which remains loyal and committed to its customers. Some group allows its customers to raise safestyle complaints against even minor issues. It provides its customers maximum support and tries to resolve all matters of the concerned individuals.


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