Fundamental Qualifications And Qualities Needed To Be A Medical Negligence Lawyer


While the NHS has experienced a steady volume of medical negligence claims over the last few years, as of 2018/19 the cost of these claims was rising. As a result, medical negligence law is an extremely active part of the legal industry.

But how can you position yourself to work in this area? Below, we explore the fundamental qualifications and qualities needed to be a medical negligence lawyer.


For a start, anyone looking to work in law will need a legal degree. This could be achieved via an undergraduate law degree before a GDL, or you could study a different undergraduate course and go for the GDL. If you’re looking to go into medical negligence law, then it’s also important to have a good understanding of medicine and the human body. Strong academic results in sciences and maths can therefore be useful.

Work experience

In addition to your academic qualifications, to begin your career you’ll need to gather work experience. By taking on work experience, you can show potential employers that you have practice in a legal environment. Plus, it will show that you have the emotional intelligence to work in this environment effectively.


Empathy is one the most important skills you’ll need away from academics and work experience. In medical negligence cases, many of your clients will come to you in difficult situations. They might have lost a loved one, or they might be suffering physically and mentally from malpractice. You’ll need to have the empathy to support and work with the client.


Communication is another essential skill too. You’ll be working and speaking with all sorts of different groups during a case. You must be able to communicate clearly with everyone. Your client, for instance, might need to be walked through the case with jargon explained. Meanwhile, you’ll need the medical vocabulary to be able to communicate effectively with doctors and other healthcare workers.


Finally, you’ll need to be organised. As a medical negligence lawyer, you’ll be working on plenty of cases at once – if you can’t keep on top of this work then you’ll quickly find yourself in trouble. As such, you’ll need to develop the organisational skills to be able to perform optimally across multiple different tasks at once.

If you’ve suffered from medical negligence, then you’ll need to get in contact with a lawyer with the above qualifications and qualities. By searching for London medical negligence solicitors, you should be able to find a trustworthy, local lawyer who can walk you through your case and bring you peace of mind.


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