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North Yorkshire County Council

What is NYCC My View payslip portal? NYCC is an abbreviation of North Yorkshire County Council, governing the non-metropolitan county of North Yorkshire, England. This county council is a ‘top-tier’ system that oversees the district councils but has the responsibilities for social health, care, roads, transports, and education. Checkout more information about WHSmith Wage Slip portal 2021.

It consists of 72 councilors’ seats comprising 1 for Yorkshire Party, 4 for the Liberal Democrat, 4 for the Labours, 10 seats are independent, and the rest 53 seats are conservatives. The entire council is controlled by the Conservative Party, headquarter of the council is the county hall in Northallerton.

NYCC My View
NYCC My View

Features of NYCC My View Portal

  • The MyView NYCC login portal assists the employees by a convenient self-service to access help in managing the personal information of its employees which includes contact details, address, and bank-related details.
  • The MyView NYCC web-based portal increased the efficiency of the employees as they have full access to online payslips anywhere and at any time. It mainly reduced the offline workload, cost, and time.
  • The web Payslipportal helps the employees to have complete access to all the necessary information online in a secure manner that is available to the staff 24×7.
  • The portal provides secure two-way communication with employees 24×7 having greater visibility of data.
  • This portal also provides additional information regarding the first-time login, sign-in procedure, and how to reset the forgotten password.

Login into MyView NYCC portal

If you are an employee, you can easily log into the MyView NYCC portal with the email address verified by the North Yorkshire County Council itself. All you need to do is follow some necessary steps.

  • You need to browse the link provided to you on your registered email address to access the payroll portal.
  • On the new page, enter your ‘Employee Number’ and ‘password’ that was provided in the introductory email by the organization’s HR administrator.
  • Now verify your date of birth and set answers to the various security asked questions.
  • Click on the ‘Sign-In’ button.
  • After completing the above-mentioned process, you can easily login into the portal and have access to the available information.

Remember, every employee is provided with a quick guide and ’employee number’  on their payslip. In case, you don’t know your employee number or any other details, you can ask your HR administrator to help you with the same.

How to View, Print, and Save your Payslip in NYCC My View Portal?

After successful login into the NYCC My View Portal, you can easily view, print, and even save your payslip.

View NYCC My Payslip

To view your payslip, you are required to click on the download payslip pdf option that is present on the right-hand side of the screen. This will view your payslip with the same layout as your current paper payslip.

Print MyView NYCC Payslip

To print your payslip, you can easily click on the ‘Print’ icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Save NYCC My View Payslip

To save your payslip, you need to click on the ‘file’ option then select ‘Save as’ and save it into your desired location.

How to Reset NYCC MyView Login Portal Password?

In case the employee has forgotten his/her password, they can still get access to the self-service portal of NYCC by following steps.

  • First, the employee needs to visit the MyView NYCC portal via the official link.
  • On the login page, the employee has to click on the “forgotten your password”.
  • A new page will open where you can reset your password.
  • Enter your Employee Number along with your Date of Birth then click on the ‘reset my account’. Remember, you can not reset your password without your Employee Number.
  • Now a screen will display asking you to enter in your new password and answer two random security questions selected from the 6 questions answered during the registration process.
  • Click on ‘Set your Password’. You will be receiving a new password in your registered mail id.

Even after following the given steps, you are facing problems resetting your password then you can contact your line manager and have a check on all your provided information.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is NYCC?

Ans: NYCC is an abbreviation of North Yorkshire County Council, governing the non-metropolitan county of North Yorkshire, England. This county council is a ‘top-tier’ system that oversees the district councils but has the responsibilities for social health, care, roads, transports, and education.

  • What is MyView NYCC?

Ans: To have a standardized way of dealing with its large unit employees, NYCC has developed its online employees portal. Through the portal, the employees can review their payslips and can update their personal information.

  • What is a Payslip?

Ans: Payslip or a salary slip is given to every employee by their employer. A payslip carries the details about the amount of pay given before tax or with tax, insurance, pensions, or even deductions. The payslips are issued on a periodical basis i.e at the same time and frequency(weekly, monthly, or yearly).

  • Can I login into the My View NYCC self-service portal?

Ans: If you are an employee, you can log in to the MyView NYCC self-service portal.

  • How can I reset my password for the MyView NYCC portal?

Ans: You can reset your password for the MyView NYCC portal by clicking on the ‘forgotten your password’ option present on the login page of the portal.

  • Is there any contact number available for the My View NYCC portal?

Ans: Yes, you can contact the My View NYCC self-service portal on 01609532020 or can even mail them at


The above-given article provides you with information about the MyView NYCC portal. The MyView NYCC login portal UK is a unique portal implemented for its employees through which they can easily access any information provided in the web portal in a secured and convenient manner.



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