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Elior My View

What is my view elior or elior myview login? Founded in 1991, the Elior Group has grown into one of the world’s leading operators in contract catering and support services operations in more than 15 countries with over 120,000 employees.

The Elior group is determined to be the company on which people can rely for both safe and healthy food. There are many portals like Payslip4u Login Portal, Orkney MyView and ISS Self Service Portal Registration online.

My View Elior
My View Elior

Elior employees work with a motive to provide high-quality services to their customers all across the world.

Elior Myview Login

Myview Elior has launched its self-service portal for its employees/staff through which each employee can easily get access to information provided in the portal.

Features of My View Elior

  • The Self Service Elior portal gives access to its employee to view their personal information including the address and contact information.
  • The portal also provides its employees to view and print their payslip and payroll details with ease.
  • The Elior self-service portal is secured and convenient for its employees as they can view their personal information anywhere and at any time.
  • The portal provides information regarding the login procedure for the new employees and also how to reset the employee’s forgotten password.

My View Elior First Time Login

If the Elior Employee is new, he/she has to register themselves in the My View Elior dashboard to gain access to the information provided in the Elior portal

  • The new employee will be provided with an email or a letter with their respective username and a link to the My View login portal
  • The employee has to type the given link in the browser which will direct them to the My View Login screen
  • On the login page, Choose ‘Forgotten your password’
  • On the “Forgotten your password” page, the employees are required to type their username given in the email. Then click on the “reset my account” option.
  • If the credentials entered are correct, an email containing a temporary reset password link will be sent to the email address that is associated with the employee.
  • Now click on the link and enter the same username and create a suitable password. Click on “submit”
  • The password should be strong and must contain a minimum of 4 characters.
  • The Elior My View dashboard is displayed. The employee has to log out from the dashboard by clicking on “Sign out”
  • The next time, the employee login to the My view dashboard, he/she will be asked to set up answers to 3 security questions.
  • Once finished with the security questions, the employee again needs to sign out. Otherwise, the new password/security answers will not be saved.

By the above process, an employee can successfully become a member of the Elior My View login portal.

Sign In to Elior My View

  • The employee needs to first visit the Elior My View portal via the official link.
  • On the login page of the Elior dashboard, the employee has their username and password. Click on the “Sign in” button.
  • A set of 3 security questions will be asked. The employee has to always enter the same security answers.
  • After sign in, the Elior employee can get access to all the necessary information provided in the My View Elior Dashboard.

Reset Elior My View Login Password

In case the employee has forgotten his/her password, they can still log in to the self-service portal of Elior by following steps.

  • First, the employee needs to visit the self-service portal of Elior via official link
  • A login page will be displayed where the employee has to click on the “forgotten password” option
  • On the forgotten password page, the employee needs to enter their username and proceed by clicking on “Reset My Account”
  • A validation link will be sent to the associated email of the employee
  • The employee has to open the received email and click on the link to reset their new password.
  • Finally, when done with the above process click on the “Submit button
  • Finally, the employee can log into the Elior self-service portal by entering the new password.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MyViewElior?

Ans: Myview Elior has launched its self-service portal for its employees/staff through which each employee can easily get access to information provided in the portal.

  • Can I log into the MyViewElior portal?

Ans: You can log into the MyViewElior portal only if you are an employee.

  • Can I reset my password for the MyViewElior portal?

Ans: Yes, you can reset the MyViewElior portal password by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ tab.

  • What is the contact number for the MyViewElior portal?

Ans: The contact number for the MyViewElior portal is 0203 941 2222.


The self Service portal of Elior or My view Elior provides its employees an online platform to view and access their personal information which is secured and convenient to use.


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