Marks and Spencer Complaints: M&S Complaints Email Address


M&S Complaints

In this article we shared detail information about Marks and Spencer complaints online, customer service or contact number. Marks and Spencer Group (M&S) is one of the top leading British multinational retailers that specialize in the selling of clothing and luxury food products.

Founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer, M&S currently has more than 900 stores across Uk and provides valuable services to its customers. Also check opening times of Tesco Lea Valley online 2021.

Marks and Spencer Complaints
Marks and Spencer Complaints

Marks and Spencer customer service department is a large British multinational retailer with its headquarters in London, England, which specialises mainly in selling fashion clothing, household goods and food items, mainly of its own brand. Know about Gala coral workplace login procedure.

Registration and Sign-In into M&S

The customer has to first register themselves as a member of M&S by a certain process.

  • The customer has to visit the official website of M&S London via the link.
  • A homepage will be displayed where the customer has to click on the login option on the top corner of the page
  • If the customer doesn’t have an account, he/she has to create a new account by clicking on the ‘register’.
  • Create an account by filling in all the detailed information with a strong password.

After creating an account, the customer can easily Sign-In by simply entering the relevant email address and password.

What if We Forgot M&S Password?

In case the customer has forgotten his/her password, they can still retrieve it by the following step by step guide for Marks & Spencer forgot password process.

  • On the homepage of the M&S website select the option ‘login’ on the top corner of the page.
  • Next On the login page, select the ‘Forgot Password ‘option.
  • On the forgotten password page, enter the relevant email address and click on continue.
  • A password link will be provided via the given email address

By clicking on the link the customer can retrieve their forgotten password and can easily log in to the M&S web portal.

How to Report a Marks & Spencer Complaint

Marks and Spencer (M&S) is known for its loyalty towards its millions of customers. But if sometimes goes wrong, customers can report a complaint even for a minor issue. M&S will ensure every possible support and will aim to resolve all matters within a limited time. The complaint can be raised in two ways.

Marks and Spencer complaints Through Phone or Email

The customer can file their complaint against any issues through phone or email. The customer can contact the Marks and Spencer Customer Services on 0333 014 8555 or can also contact via email using

  • Marks and Spencer Complaints Email:
  • Check marks and spencer customer complaints number: 0333 014 8555

Through Online Mode

The customer can also report their complaints against Marks and Spencer services through the Resolver portal via an official link. Resolver is an entirely independent issue-resolution tool that enables the raising and handling of consumer issues, making complaining simpler for everyone.

About Marks and Spencer

This company is one of the largest employers in Britain, employing around two hundred and fifty people. According to the latest surveys, Marks and Spencer’s sales in Britain have increased by about twenty percent between 2021 and the current year. This company is extremely popular among women and teenagers alike and their products are always in demand.

However, this is not to say that all customers are pleased. On the contrary, Marks and Spencer have a history of receiving numerous complaints from both customers and clients, who express their dissatisfaction over a variety of issues. So what do these complaints contain? Read on to find out.

The most common issue that has been reported by customers is that the products are always poorly designed. Women often complain about poor fit, seams that are not sewn properly, holes that are not painted properly and even tears and discolouration of the clothing.

There have also been reports of damaged goods, missing or wrongly ordered components and poor quality materials used. Many customers have also complained about unpleasant smells coming from the clothes and these unpleasant odours have often led to ruined holidays and some customers have even complained to police over inappropriate odours coming from the clothes.

Discolouration is another common problem, especially in the children’s clothing section. There have been many cases where a product has been sold because it looked good on a customer’s rack, but when the customer tries it on in reality, it is very different to the product they thought they had purchased.

Marks and Spencer Products

Many customers also report products being ordered online and delivered to the address provided by the customer but arriving at a completely different address. When contacted by the customer, the supplier often claims to have sent the product to the correct address but when the product arrives they realise it is wrong and ask for the customer to return the item.

Although Marks and Spencer have attempted to improve their customer service, many customers still find their answers confusing or unsatisfactory. This may be down to the volume of products that are purchased and how many people are trying to make a purchase at one time. It could also be down to the company’s lack of marketing and promotion.

For instance, when a customer calls up a Marks and Spencer customer service representative to check out a particular product they are put through to a sales rep who handles a lot of products everyday.

Overall Marks and Spencer do have a good reputation when it comes to their products and customer service and many people are happy with the services provided. However, for some customers this could be enough to deter them from buying anything from this particular company. If you are thinking of buying any products from Marks and Spencer then it is important to ensure that you deal with a reputable company.


Marks and Spencer Group (M&S) deals in the selling of great qualities of clothes and luxury food products across the UK. This retailer group provides great service to its loyal customers and allows them to report complaints regarding any issues faced by them.

In the above article we shared all the details regarding Marks and Spencer complaints, customer service contact number UK, email address and more. The M&S will ensure every possible service and care and tries to resolve all matters within a considerable amount of time.


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