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IRIS Openpayslips

IRIS Open Payslips allows the employers to publish payslips and P60s electronically from within their IRIS Payroll software to a secure online portal. It also allows the employees to view their current and old payslips through their Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer whenever they want.

IRIS issues the individual payslip of every registered employer online. It is a platform that allows the employees immediate access to their payroll account. It is completely secured and safe path to view, save and print their monthly payslips.

IRIS Open Payslips
IRIS Open Payslips

All payslip information is taken directly from the payroll software of the company. It also helps in getting the other communications like automatic enrollment, salary slips and P60s. Likewise check latest WGC payslip or salary slip online.

IRIS open payslip also helps in automation of the enrolment communication; reduction in wage slip cost and reduces carbon footprints. It acts as a communicator between the employers and their employees through their login services.

IRIS Open Payslips Registration

An employee has to be registered with IRIS Open Payslips to receive its benefits. The registration can be done anytime and from anywhere through online registration from their computer. The registration process is simple and can be done by following the below mentioned steps:

  • An individual has to login to
  • After the login, the homepage of IRIS open payslip is opened. At the homepage, the employee has to select the option “Try Now”.
  • The registration portal will open and the employee has to fill in all the required details on the page.
  • After filling up all the details, the employee has to click on the CREATE option.
  • The website will send an activation link to the registered email address of the employee.
  • The employee has to click on the activation link and finally, the IRIS Payslip employee registration will be successful.

IRIS Open Payslips Login

Ever employee registered with IRIS Open payslips has to visit their site to check their IRIS payslip online. This can be done by visiting the site . the login can be done by having the login credentials such as Username and Password. The IRIS open payslips login process is very easy and simple and can be done by following the below mentioned steps.

  • The first step is to visit the IRIS payslips portal (
  • At the official page, the employee can see a green LOGIN option. They have to click on the Login option to proceed.
  • The login portal appears on the screen and the employee has to fill in his login credentials i.e., the Username and Password in the empty fields and click on the Login option.
  • After the employee clicks the Login option, the payroll page is opened and the employee can view their IRIS Payroll details.

Forget Password Reset

The employees who have forgotten their IRIS open payslip login password can reset the same through the same page. The forgotten password can be recovered or a new password can be created from the page by the employees. The process of resetting the password is simple and can be done by following the below mentioned steps.

  • The first step is to visit the IRIS payslip portal (
  • At the official page, the employee can see a green LOGIN option. They have to click on the Login option to proceed.
  • At the Login page, the employee has to click on the option “Forgot Your Password”
  • A new page opens where the employee has to fill in the username and email address and click on the RESET option. The online portal will send the password recovery link on the email address provided by the employee.
  • Once the link is received on the email address, the employee has to click on the link to complete their IRIS payslips reset password process.

IRIS Open Payslips App [Mobile Application]

IRIS has also developed their mobile application for smooth distribution of payslips to the employees. It enables the employees to view their new or old payslips as per their convenience. The employees can now be able to view their payslips, p60s, pension information etc. through IOS, Windows phone app and IRIS Open Payslips Mobile App.

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IRIS Mobile App is very easily available on App Store and Google Play. An employee has to search for Open Payslips in the store to install it on their smart phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to check IRIS Payslip online?

An employee can check his open payslip online from But first, the employee should have to be registered and should have the login credentials. After login, the employee can check the payslip and can save or print the same.

  • How to get the iris open payslips app?

The employee can get the IRIS payslip application from their respective application provider which they are using. It is available on Google Play and App Store.

  • How to create an IRIS account?

An IRIS account can be created after registering at the official IRIS Payslip Portal. The registration process is simple and can be easily done by following the steps discussed in the above article.

  1. How long are the IRIS Payslips stored?

IRIS Payslip will be stored on the IRIS Open Payslip portal as long as the employee remain on roll at the company.

Are old payslip details available and visible?

All payslips details are available and visible to the registered employees as long as they are under the employment of the company.

Final Words

So hopefully you got all the information regarding IRIS open payslips login portal app, contact helpline number, check IRIS open payslips working or not with registration. Still if you have any query just write down in the comment section.


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