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DVLA Toll Free Number

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a Department of Transport which managed all motor vehicle databases for a country with registration, licensing and taxation of your vehicle.

DVLA Contact Number
DVLA Contact Number

Customers of DVLA can also renew their driving license, book their driving test and update their motor registration. Here we give you DVLA Contact Number using this one can directly contact the customer service of DVLA. The DVLA Contact Number Free Phone number is 0300 790 6802. So, if you are looking for same then read the next part of the article carefully.

 About Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency:

DVLA was established in 1965, at that time the number of cars on road is less than 10 million. Afterward, this agency expanded because of the number of car and car owners are increased. By 2014, the vehicle registration office was 180 at different places in the UK. The headquarter of DVLA is in Wales and provides a unique registration number of every vehicle. The DVLA also introduced the Motor Car act which set a speed limit of your vehicle which was 20mph and your vehicle must registration of their vehicle. Due to the huge population, the DVLA provide a driving license for each car which helps to uniquely identify.

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As we discussed above that DVLA is a very famous agency which comes under the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom. This agency collects about 5.6 $ million Vehicle Excise Duty per year. Just like other companies or agencies in the UK it also provides calling and mailing facility to their customer. One can call for DVLA driving licenses; want to get details about registration plates and road tax payment. We give details about all customers support service number.

Why I Need DVA Contact Number?

Some of us think why we need the various customer care number. So, we give you some of the common reasons for Contact Number of DVLA.

  • General Inquires
  • Complaints
  • Registering New Vehicle
  • Apply for a new license
  • Replace existing license
  • Book a test drive or theory test
  • Logbook registration
  • Plate registration
  • Vehicle Tax
  • Medical Reporting

DVLA Contact Number – 0844 453 0118

Are you looking for the Contact Number of DVLA then here we give you the customer care number of DVLA. If you have any kind of query then you can directly make a call on 0844 453 0118 number. This call charge 7 pence per minutes with additional charges which are pre-defined by the operator.

As we know that the main office of DVLA is in Wales which maintain more than 44 million records of drivers with more than 36 million records of their driving license. So, if you have any query regarding your driving license, road tax or any service of DVLA then you can directly contact to DVLA customer Care number.

You can also make a call if you have a query about car tax or license application. At the time of form filling, if you find any query or difficulty then you will directly contact customer service of DVLA.

If you don’t have a driving license or you don’t have your own vehicle then also you can use the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency customer care number.

DVA Contact Number for Complaints:

If you are not satisfied with the DVA services or you want to file complaints against any employee of the DVLA then make a call on 0844 453 0118 number. By making calls on this number one can talk with a customer service team to file your complaints.

DVLA Vehicle Registration Number- 0844 826 8338:

This customer care number help solve the query about vehicle registration. You can also ask the questions about the problems related to your logbook, issues regarding your registering vehicle and many other questions. So, if you have this kind of query then feel free to call on 0844 826 8338.

DVLA Contact Number for Driving Test:

This DVLA Driving Test Number help you to solve your driving test related query. You can ask here any type driving test related queries like, rearrange your driving test and cancel your driving test. If you don’t think you’re driving test time is appropriate for you then you can also make a call on 0300 200 112 number.

Customer Service Number for Car Tax Inquiries – 0844 826 8352:

If you have any queries related your Car Tax then you can make a call on 0844 826 8352 customer support number. When you make a call, the staff member of DVLA available for you to answer your question about Car Tax. You can ask your query related to paying your car tax or clarify your car tax payment. You can also check if you pay your car tax or not by using website.

DVLA Contact Number for Welsh Language Service:

If you don’t understand or speak other than Welsh then you can make a call on 0300 190 6801 number. By calling on this number the DVLA team member who speak Welsh connect with you to solve your queries.

DVLA License Checking Number:

If you want to know all the details about your license then by calling on 0844 826 8333 number you can access all the details about your driving license. The Driver and Vehicle License Agency maintain all the details about the license in form of database. So, you will get accurate details about your license. If you want to know details about how many penalty points you have or you want to access your photo card driving license which already expired in last year then you can make a call on this number. If you don’t find any details about your license online and want to access your details this details then you can check the details by calling on this number.

SORN DVLA Contact Number:

SORN (Statutory off Road Notification) is used for a vehicle Tax refund which takes 4 weeks for paying the tax. If you want to communicate regarding SORN service to DVLA team then you can make a call on 0300 123 4321. If you are already registered your vehicle as off road but you don’t receive your money back from remaining months which you already paid or you have the problem with your vehicle registration then by calling on SORN number you will get all the details about your queries.

Driving Vehicle Agency Number – 0843 218 4721:

As we know the DVLA maintain the database for driving license. If you want to schedule the driving test then you can make a call on 0843 218 4721 number. In case someone wants to change or reschedule a driving test or theory test then you can call on this number.

Situations When You Require DVLA Contact Number:

  • Vehicle Adaption
  • Inquiries about the Driving License
  • Public Transport and Parking
  • Insurance, Tax, and MOT
  • Testing and Tuition
  • Driving Test
  • Driving License Cancellation
  • Coaches, Lorries, and Buses
  • Number Plate and Log Book registration
  • Pay Fine and Penalty Point
  • Scrapping, buying and selling

DVLA Fax Number:

Here we shared DVLA fax number so if need you contact.

Department Name Fax Number
Vehicle Tax and Fax Registration 0300 123 0798
For General and Driving inquiries 0300 123 0784
Fax Documents to DVLA from Abroad +441792 786 369

 DVLA Contact Numbers:

DVLA Department Contact Number
MOT inquiries 0300 123 9000
Customer Care Number of DVLA 0300 791 6801
Contact Number for Welsh Language 0300 790 6819
Number for Personalized Number Plate 0300 123 0883
Customer Care number for V5C Certificates for Vehicle Tax, Log Books and Vehicle Registration 0300 790 6802
DVLA Driver Check Service 09061 393 837
Contact Number for Driver’s Medical Inquiries 0300 790 6806
Driving Vehicle Agency Number 0843 218 4721
SORN DVLA Contact Number 0300 123 4321
DVLA License Checking Number 0844 826 8333
DVLA Medical Check for bus, coach and lorry drivers 0300 790 6807

 DVLA Operating Hours or DVLA Opening Times:

  • Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM
  • Saturday: 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM
  • Sunday:  Closed

DVLA Office Locations in various Districts in England:

  • Worcester
  • Beverly
  • Wimbledon
  • Birmingham
  • Truro
  • Bournemouth
  • Theale
  • Brighton
  • Stockton
  • Bristol
  • Sidcup
  • Carlisle
  • Shrewsbury
  • Chelmsford
  • Sheffield
  • Chester
  • Preston
  • Exeter
  • Portsmouth
  • Ipswich
  • Peterborough
  • Leeds
  • Oxford
  • Lincoln
  • Nottingham
  • London
  • Norwich
  • Maidstone
  • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Manchester

Contact to DVLA via Social Media:

Just like other agencies the Driver and Vehicle License Agency has its own Social Media account. So, one can easily contact the DVLA via its various social Media profile.

  • DVLA Blog
  • DVLA Twitter Profile
  • DVLA On Facebook
  • DVLA YouTube Channel

Contact DVLA Team via Mail:

If someone wants to contact the DVLA team via mail then one can send mail on below-given mail address.

Vehicle Customer Services:



SA99 1AR

Drivers Customer Services or DVLA Complaints or Mail Address of Chief Executive Office:




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I hope you will get all the details about the DVLA Contact Number. You can make a call for your any type of inquires. If you have any suggestion then kindly comment on below given comment box. For more articles like this visit our site thebasement.uk.com regularly.


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