Cost of 0345 Numbers: Check 0345 Call Cost or Charge From Mobile


The 0345 number free?

Know cost of 0345 numbers on ee or Mobile and Landline on Vodafone. The telephone number starting with the prefix 0345 is UK-wide. These specially designed landline telephone numbers cannot be associated with any geographical area of the United Kingdom. Also checkout the cost of 0333 numbers or charges from Mobile and Landline.

0345 number is typically used to provide voice services such as the customer services helplines and public services. It is impossible to identify where you are trying to call or where you are receiving the call from, by just looking at the number. Know 0345 Numbers Free On EE or not?

Cost of 0345 numbers
Cost of 0345 numbers

0345 Call Cost

The cost of the 0345 is the same if you are phoning a landline number at a home or business using a normal ’01’ or ’02’ number. The calls to 03 numbers are inclusive of landlines and mobiles extending to the remaining minutes on your monthly package.

After that, there will be a charge at a per-minute rate which can vary depending on your network provider.

0345 Cost from Mobile

The 0345 call costs from mobile include talk time and bundled minutes. The below-given table provides you with an up-to-date list of the current charges to be paid when calling 0345 numbers.

Mobile  Network Price Per Minute
3( three) 3p per minute
Delight Mobile 3p per minute
GT Mobile 3p per minute
Tello 3p per minute
Simple Call Mobile 4p per minute
Victory Mobile 4p per minute
White Mobile 6p per minute
Talkxtra 7p per minute
ASDA Mobile 8p per minute
Family Mobile 8p per minute
Freedomtalk 8p per minute
OVIO Mobile 8p per minute
Sainsbury’s 8p per minute
TalkMobile Essentials 8p per minute
Tesco Lite 8p per minute
The Co-operative Mobile 8p per minute
Virgin Mobile Simply 8p per minute
Kontakt Mobile 9p per minute
Dialog Vizz 9p per minute
AfriMobile 10p per minute
DiDa Mobile 10p per minute
Giffgaff 10p per minute
Lomo Mobile 10p per minute
Now Mobile 10p per minute
Smart pinoy 10p per minute
Talk Home Mobile 10p per minute
The people’s operator 12.5p per minute
Banana Mobile 14p per minute
C Mobile 14p per minute
RSPCA Mobile 14p per minute
Vecton 15p per minute
LycaMobile 15p per minute
Allay Mobile 15p per minute
Wildlife Mobile 18 per minute
Lebara Mobile 19p per minute
Donate Mobile 20p per minute
Orange 25p per minute
TalkMobile Essentials 25p per minute
Tesco Mobile 25p per minute
Virgin Mobile 26p per minute
Vodafone 30p per minute
T-Mobile 30p per minute
EE 30p per minute
O2 35p per minute
Tru 36p per minute


Cost of 0345 Numbers from BT Landline

The 0345 call costs from BT landline includes any applicable call packages. The below-given table provides you with an up-to-date list of the current charges to be paid when calling 0345 numbers.

Provider Approximate peak cost
Sky 9.5p per month
BT 12p per month+21p set up charge
Virgin Media 12p per month
TalkTalk 13.5 per month

Why is the 0345 number more preferable?

One of the primary reasons behind the preferable use of the 0345 number is its versatility. It can be used for customer services helplines, for voting, charities, statutory organization, information, etc.

These numbers are non-geographic numbers (NGNS) and are just within the UK. Moreover, it works parallel to the traditional numbers 01, 05, or 09, which are too expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does 0345 numbers cost?

Ans: To know cost of 0345 numbers refer official website

  • What’s the cost of 0345 number from a landline?

Ans: The cost of 0345 numbers from a landline is vary from plans to plans.

  • Cost of 0345 numbers on Vodafone?

Ans: The costs of 0345 numbers on Vodafone are depends on plans.

  • What is cost of 0345 numbers?

Ans: The costs of 0345 number are depends on plans. For more information visit

  • Is 0345 numbers free?

Ans:  No calls from 0345 numbers are not free.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed the above articles regarding cost of 0345 numbers charges, 0345 cost from Mobile and Landline and more. For more information about cost and charges visit portal regularly.


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