Cost of 0333 Numbers: Are 0333 Numbers Free on EE in UK?


Are 0333 numbers free?

How much cost of 0333 numbers on ee in UK? The 0333 numbers are special kinds of landline-rate phone numbers that are used by various business enterprises. These numbers are not linked with any specific geographic locations; they are non-geographic phone numbers (NGPN) unlike the traditional phone numbers i.e. 08, 05, or 09.

They are not assigned to any specific location within the UK. They were first initiated in the year 2007 as a substitute for the old traditional location-specific area codes which were allotted geographically. Although these are landline numbers we cannot identify the area 0333 numbers are linked too which are far from the ‘01’ or ‘02’ numbers.

Cost of 0333 Numbers
Cost of 0333 Numbers

This gives them a different reach which is why many companies in the UK are investing in it. There has been a massive upsurge in their use by a great variety of organizations.

 The Cost of 0333 Number on EE in UK

The 0333 number charges the same as the standard landlines; it costs the same price as the ‘01’ or ‘02’ numbers including mobile phones. They serve just like the local numbers regardless of the place we are calling at. The numbers starting with 0333 are imposed at the same rates as the geographical ones even though they are non-geographic.

This makes them attracted to the customers who have no scrutiny in paying more than is necessary to start a business. Although the 0333 numbers are not free yet they are quite beneficial, a whole lot better than the local ‘01’or ‘02’ numbers. The 0333 has gained popularity in large businesses and charity organizations. However, one shouldn’t be too surprised to find 0333 numbers becoming more mainstream in small and medium-sized industries.

Mobile Cost or Charges of 0333 number

The 0333 call costs from mobile include talk-time and bundled minutes. The below-given table provides an up-to-date list of current charges to be paid when calling 0333 numbers.

Provider Inside contracted landline minute allowance Outside contracted landline minute allowance
Delight Mobile Free 3 per minute
Three Mobile Free 3 per minute
ASDA Mobile Free 8 per minute
Riffraff Free 10 per minute
Lycia Mobile Free 15 per minute
Labara Mobile Free 19 per minute
Tesco Mobile Free 25 per minute
Virgin Mobile Free 26 per minute
EE Free 30 per minute
Vodafone Free 30 per minute
O2 Free 35 per minute

Landline cost of 0333 number

The 0333 number call costs from the landline include any applicable call packages. The below-given table provides you with an up-to-date list of current charges to be paid when calling 0333 numbers.

Provider Approximate peak cost
Sky 9.5 per minute
BT 12 per minute + 21p setup charge
Virgin Media 12 per minute
Talk Talk 13.5 per minute

 Why is the 0333 Number More Preferable?

The versatility of the 0333 numbers is one of the key reasons for its preferring ability.  As these non-geographic phone numbers, they help the companies with call centers situated internationally to reach out to the masses. These guarantees that they never lose touch with the customer. They also help create a national image that is perfect for branding. One cannot make out the location of the person using the 0333 number.

The 0333 number simplifies marketing, which creates consistency in the system. They allow a single point of contact to the organization. These numbers are economical as they charge the same whether we are using a mobile phone or landline. The 0333 numbers are acknowledged by the packages offering free minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does 0333 numbers cost?

Ans: For cost of 0333 numbers are you can visit official website

  • Does 0333 numbers cost in UK?

Ans: Yes, 0333 numbers cost in UK.

  • Are 0333 numbers free on Mobile?

Ans: There are many plans available like if you have monthly subscription then some minutes you have free on mobile.

  • Where is area code 0333 in UK?
  • How much do 0333 numbers cost on EE?

Final Words

In the above article we provide cost of 0333 number on ee in UK for Mobile as well as Landline, charges for 0333 numbers, call charges 0333 and more. Also we justify why 0333 numbers are more preferable compared to others.


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