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Brighton’s leading venue for groundbreaking and inventive performances, The Basement is situated in the heart of the city. Presenting a program of world-class and international artists alongside an exciting repertoire of experimental performance from Brighton’s most esoteric performers, The Basement is a hub for the weird and peculiar.

There’s a thriving community of Associated and Supported Artists located in the Basement that presents and ranks new art. With a multitude of well-maintained spaces and a unique variety of spaces, the Basement offers performances for artists and spectators to exhibit their talents and revel in the arts. There is also a competitively priced bar on-site for guests to enjoy the entire evening.

Promoting the innovative development of emergent performance and visual artists in the South East through professional development and administrative support, provision of information and equipment resources and production, rehearsal and exhibition space.

CiCi Blumstein’s July program starts off with a specially curated Pecha Kucha evening of quickfire presentations by architects, choreographers, urban planners and artists on the theme of Expanded Dance & Public Space. Pecha Kucha is a series of short lively talks cabaret style with a bar – each talk lasts just 6 mins 40 seconds.

The places where we live are continuously imposed on us. In reality the space in which we operate can only exist as a mental model that is continuously modified through experience. It is necessary to find the form that is born out of our experience instead of by imposed schemes. – Ugo La Pietra, artist, architect, designer & theoretician, in Instructions for the use of the city, 1978 Expanded Dance Space & the Private Choreography of Public Space.

How do we inhabit these different realms? Could urban planning rules and architectural design, mediated through our personal movement experience, directly inform and shape the design of the built environment, and expand dance-able space further into the public architecture of the city? 

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