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leonard is Bryony Henderson (U.K), Katharina Trabert (Italy),  Inge Agnete Tarpgaard (Denmark) and a mysterious puppet master (Canada). In the work that they do together they become ‘leonard performance band’. They use performance and event organisation to make environmental and social issues less abstract, less daunting and more human.

leonard do this by mixing science and politics together with popular culture and local places in a theatrical performance or live art event. This makes for a performance that has a warm intimacy to it, that involves the community participating in the event, and that engages meaningfully with issues that are of the utmost importance to leonard and sometimes to the planet. 

Research and workshops in the place they are performing feeds back stories into the performance. When they are performing they look like the lovechild of Pina Bausch and Andy Kaufman or a journalist and an electro d.j. or you and a ghost.

leonard formed in 2005 after the individuals had completed their Masters training at Dartington College of Arts. Since then leonard have been making and showing ‘grass’. A performance about the most incredible substance known to humankind and its dog.  grass is set for a South East tour in the U.K for the winter 2008/09. See you there. Yeah.

Furthermore leonard are making a new work in 2008, a kind of performance lecture between Copenhagen and Brighton, where they give away everything they know about everything.

"There's just something about them that I like" Guy Dartnell, director and solo artist, teacher

“A ramshackle intelligent mix of music and performance. This is a highly original and exciting emerging production, I had no idea what was coming next. I would very much like to continue working with the group.” Ronan McNern, Director of Ladyfest Leeds

"A momentary interactive audience jamboree which lives in the first place from the charm of its performers." Mik, Mannheimer Morgen, 29.09.07

"One of the very few performance groups genuinely committed to the chaotic poetry of the live showing, with all its misunderstandings, expectations, surprises and longings. By not telling the audience what to think and how to react, leonard remind us that a performance is always a two way process, an endless encounter with others." Augusto Corrieri, director, performer and writer of experimental dance-theatre.

“I wanted to come and see your show again, but my friends said once was enough.” Kasper, audience member, Ladyfest Leeds

Writing about leonard, by performer and director Peter Harrison

leonard has been invited to perform at:

April 2008

The Basement, Brighton

February 2008

Depot Untapped, Arts Depot, London

October 2007
Alsager Arts Centre, Manchester

September 2007
Wunder der Prarie festival, Germany
July 2007
Nightingale theatre Scratch, Brighton

July 2007

The Booth Museum, Brighton
April 2007
The Carriageworks, Leeds
Jan 2007
BAC, London
Nov 2006
Poggio Moiano Theatre, Italy

Teaching leonard has done:

February 2008

You and the city workshop – Arts Depot, London

October 2007

You and the city workshop – Malbank College, Cheshire

April 2007

You and the city workshop- At Ladyfest Leeds.

November/December 2006
Devised theatre programme for ages 16-21 in Sabina, Italy.

Other organisations who have supported leonard:

Showreel of ”grass”:


Send leonard an email if you would like to be invited to their next show.


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