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Bryony Henderson is a director, performance artist and curator for innovative art. Bryony started her career in 2000 by making short performances and showing them on the street with the public. Recently galleries, people’s homes, streets, cinemas and theatres around the U.K and Europe have staged her work. Bryony makes events that challenge the spectator to re-view their relationship with identified particular phenomena in their life. Her work sets up environments for the spectator’s imagination to flourish into other possibilities.

In 2005 Bryony set up the London School of Art and Business with Charles Davies. The school provided a playful meeting place for established and emerging artists and businesses to meet, challenge each other and provoke learning systems. This initiative developed into the School of Everything, which is now produced by The Young Foundation. Bryony also co-founded the group Leonard in 2005. Bryony is also part of ‘something like spit’ an international collective dedicated to developing quality art forms to explore a common theoretical interest.

You must keep on making this interdisciplinary work, the art world needs it.”  Anke Bangma, Director, Piet Zwart.

Projects and/or Performances

2006 – 2007 Five Telling Stories
Two-day storytelling workshop led by a journalist, politician, theatre director and business consultant, Tent Gallery Rotterdam
2006 Please Tell Me What To Do
Performance directed by its audience, Exeter Phoenix
2006 Several Stories
Performance lecture, Arnolfini Bristol, Tent Gallery Rotterdam
2006 Starting out here
Curator for final M.A show, The Cube Bristol
2006 The river that runs through the front door of my house
Devised Theatre with Sylvia Rimat for Dartington College of Arts
2005 - 2006 You Give Me Vertigo
Site specific one to one performance with visually impaired dancer Alexa Hibberd, Dartington College of Arts
2005 Did You Dance With Me?
Series of events working with the tea dancers of Oxford and contemporary dance artist Olive Berringer, Ovada Gallery Oxford, Oxford City Centre
2005 Friday afternoon in February
Month long performance with sound artist Richard Hyde, Dartington College of Arts
2004 Kissing Peace
Kissing relay performed by its spectators, Trafalgar Square London

Leonard performance band

Something like spit

Teaching and/or lecturing

Guest lecturer at
Dartington College of Arts, Devon
Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London
Kaos Pilot School, Utrecht

Performance teacher for
Stagecoac schools

Workshops for
Brighton Fringe Festival
Piet Zwart Art institute, Rotterdam
Holloway Prison, London
Theatralia, London


With thanks to
Mike Pearson, Lone Twin, Fiona Templeton, Brunel University, Guy Dartnell, Goat Island, Tracey Warr, Richard Layzell, Augusto Boal, Shunt, Alan Reed, Fran Barbe, David Williams, Richard Layzell, Anne Bean, Peader Kirk, Theatre de Complicte, Helen Paris, Barry Edwards, Filomena Campus, Marc Wolford, Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Piet Zwart Institute, Katharina Trabert, Philip Ryder, Charlie Davies, Webber Douglas Drama Acadamy, Dartington College of Art


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